The Toyota Driving School : Taking road safety to another level

India has the second largest road network in the world, and shockingly, India also accounts for 9.5% of the total fatal accidents in the world every year. Traveling on India’s roads is getting more dangerous. In 2014 there were 141,526 deaths due to road accidents in the country, up from 137,423 a year earlier.

That’s a hard hitting statistic!

Toyota’s vision is to ensure that everyone gets home safe. This is what drives us to make great cars which stand for safety and quality. It is our endeavor to ensure that we not only make the safest cars in the world, but we also drive initiatives that make Indian roads safer.


To this end, we have established the Toyota Driving School – our small step towards helping every person who walks into our schools, a responsible and law-abiding driver. We stand tall for our idea ‘Safest car with the safest driver’ promise.

The curriculum at the Toyota Driving Schools include a comprehensive training program that boasts of quality, practical and future-ready training modules. Our state-of-the-art Driver Simulator coupled with Toyota’s world-class know-how, expert trainers and a comprehensive curriculum ensures that the students become complete drivers who can wheel safely on the roads with confidence and understanding of road safety. Learners can practice all car controls like steering, accelerator, brake and gear shift before they practice on a vehicle on the roads. The simulators can also create various road and weather conditions like fog, dim light, uphill and downhill terrain.

We have 2 programs – START & SMART to cater to the needs of new drivers as well as experienced ones. While the “START” program renders an empathetic approach towards novice drivers making them road ready, the “SMART” program aims to fine-tune your skills as a professional driver. Our quality auditing system, comprehensive evaluation and feedback mechanism at every stage of driving training makes our program unique from the rest available in the country

We take pride in being an integral part of the automotive industry in India and this drives us to invest in our safety mission ofbeing a pioneer of innovative safety solutions in cars.


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