The Fastest to the First!


The FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy has a new addition to the family- Toyota Etios Motor Racing driver Akhil Rabindra has earned his place and joined the team. But the torque really reaches its peak with the fact that Akhil is the only driver to be selected for the academy from the Asia Pacific region, having been chosen from 11 short listed contenders for the spot from 11 countries.

Akhil Rabindra at Toyota Etios Motor Racing Trophy, 2013

Akhil Rabindra at Toyota Etios Motor Racing Trophy, 2013

It goes without saying that this win for Akhil is going to put him in the rink with previous participants in the Academy who have gone on to drive in Formula 1 and The World Rally Championship.

Akhil believes that the “training program conducted by TRD with international instructors along with Indian Champion Racing drivers was world class and a great opportunity for budding drivers in India.” Akhil says that the drivers “learnt driving skills, cornering, race-starts, to analyze telemetry. The entire series was very professionally conducted by Toyota.”


Akhil Rabindra - FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy Asia Pacific

Akhil Rabindra -FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy Asia Pacific

Akhil is on the track to the future now and with his selection into the academy, and the extensive training scheduled for him in 2014, Akhil is going to be exploring championships in Europe and Asia while continuing to participate in Indian championships as well.

Looks like the Toyota Etios Motor races have given a talented driver like Akhil, a great and healthy start!

A snap shot of the FIA Institute Young Driver Excellence Academy Asia Pacific Selection Event

EMR makes a thrilling pit stop at Chennai


The battleground

Chennai’s heart is still pounding with an overdose of adrenaline injected into its metaphorical veins. This is just one of the many positive side effects caused by the Etios Motor Racing (EMR) that recently crossed the chequered flag… with a bang. With the smell of rubber-meeting-the-road engulfing the Madras Motor Race Track (MMRT), the high intensity inaugural edition of EMR could be best described in 2 words – WAKU DOKI. Waku-Doki is the feeling of anticipation and that adrenaline rush you get when you are about to do some exciting. It’s a feeling you can’t really describe and is so intense that your heart beats faster and you are almost trembling with excitement. The reasons were not difficult to fathom, with the congregation of Etios machines, and a community of auto enthusiasts… who just Love2Race.

The mood was set, undeniably, by 25 young EMR drivers. For them, the revving sounds emanating from over two dozen Etios engines in near harmony, was pure music to their racing ears. And the music played on for 3 days in a row.

Getting battle ready

It all kick started with the practice session on 25th of July, as the drivers marked their concrete territory and showcased their revving might. With cars tested to their speeding limits, and expert advice from the on-site red rooster team & Toyota racing specialists…. both the Etios machines and their expert racers were ready for the epic battle! (watch video:

Practice - EMR Chennai

Practice – EMR Chennai

 The Epic Battle of MMRT

The battleground was finally ready for some real gas-guzzling action. All buttoned up in chic racing gear, and nuts & bolts checked to perfection, the racers threw the metaphorical caution to the wind. Speed, thrill and pure action became the order of the 48 hours that followed. There were twists, turns and high decibel action. Though all 25 auto-warriors fought with inspiring bravery,  only a few with complete mastery on their art, emerged champions.

On the first day, Diljith zoomed ahead of its fellow racers to emerge victorious in Race#1. Arjun, true to his name, hit bulls eye with his Etios in # Race#2. The day ended on a victorious note for these 2 champions. The following day, some clouds of uncertainty loomed large in the horizon, but that did not deter the EMR-ites from providing memorable action to their fans. Diljith continued his winning streak in Race#3 as he crossed the finish line with thunderous ease. With the racers lined up and positioning lap in place, the setting and mood was just perfect for the grand finale… till the clouds above intervened to disrupt the proceedings. The race had to called off to ensure safety of the drivers.

Race Day - EMR, Chennai

Race Day – EMR, Chennai

 Gear up BIC

Like they say, this is just the beginning. EMR has made a thrilling pit stop at Chennai, as it readies itself for the next epic battle… nothing will change, except the venue. Brace yourselves for the next season of FMSCI National Racing Championship at Buddh International Circuit, Noida.

EMR Chennai 2013 - A Wrap

EMR Chennai 2013 – A Wrap

 It’s an honour for Toyota Kirloskar Motor to be associated with the FMSCI National Racing Championship, and the team has left no stone unturned to ensure unsullied racing action for auto fans. We would like to express our gratitude to our esteemed sponsors and partners – Red rooster racing, Motul, MRF, Denso & BMC air filters. Watch this space for more exciting updates, LIVE from the EMR race track! Catch all the on-going action on our Facebook page ( or on our Twitter handle

Etios Motor Racing – Day 1, Gurgaon

The arena was buzzing with excitement and the stands were packed for the first day of the race. Here are some highlights…

Toyota Etios Motor Racing - Gurgaon, October 2012.

Early morning driver brief

Toyota Etios Motor Racing - Gurgaon, October 2012.

Driver briefing day 1

At the end of day one, standings for the quarter finalists were:
1. Amey S. Rane
2. Vendhan Boominathan
3. Rishad Mody
4. Meezan Anees
5. Swamathia Rayen
6. Arjun Narendran
7. Binoy John Maddela
8. Ali Yawar Hayat

EMR: First Day Fanfare

It was a day full of excitement at the Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai. The day began early with the EMR drivers doing some practice laps to get a hang of the track before the first race scheduled for later in the evening.


To show their commitment to the EMR initiative, Toyota’s top management was present in full force and the press conference in the morning was abuzz with media personnel from leading TV channels, newspapers and magazines. The media also got a chance to go the pit area to get an up-close look at the race cars and the drivers and they were definitely not disappointed.


Some of big names at EMR today were Hiroshi Nakagawa, Managing Director, Toyota Kirloskar Motor; Vikram Kirloskar, Vice Chairman, Toyota Kirloskar Motor; Sandeep Singh, Deputy Managing Director-Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor; Taro Hishida, Director, Toyota Technocraft (TRD).

Also present at EMR was Akira Iida to mentor the young and raring-to-go EMR finalists. He also raced with EMR drivers in the first EMR race to give them a taste of what it takes to make it in the sport of racing.


Look forward to a packed second day with two races which will decide the top three drivers of the EMR Chennai exhibition race. To add to all the excitement, Ben Collins(The Stig), will also be making an appearance so stay tuned.


EMR: Woman-Power

Friday woke up to a cloudy morning at Chennai. After three days of gauging the race track, physical exercise and mental training, it was now time for practice laps at the Madras Motor Race Track at Sriperumbudur, Chennai. Though the day seemed gloomy, all the drivers seemed most excited to get their hands at the wheel.

Some serious girl talk

Some serious girl talk

When one thinks of driving, one mostly thinks of roaring engines and zooming cars. Little does the image of a woman come to our mind when on the topic of motor racing. Yet, at the Etios Motor Racing event one could see two young girls getting into and out of the cars just as the other boys did. They seemed completely at ease with all the men around and being pretty much, the only two girls in the list of finalists. Yes, Abha Mankar and Sneha Sharma are the only two girls who successfully made it as the final racers in the first season of EMR. Both looked extremely confident and unfazed by the fact that they represented the modern woman who made it into a sport that is largely considered a male bastion.

Sneha, who is a Bombay girl, works as a junior co-pilot and her tryst with racing began quite early. Her performance in the local Go-karting races got her noticed and she was selected as part of the national karting team. Soon she was racing for championships like the MRK National Go-Karting Championships and many others. When asked about how difficult this sport is for a girl, she says that once you are in the car and you have the helmet on, you are just one of the drivers. But she also points out that in the past she felt that people get judgemental about her and sometimes non-performance is easily linked to the fact that she is a girl. However, she is enjoying all the support EMR has given her racing career and looks forward to win.

Making a mark

Making a mark

Abha Mankar, who hails from Pune and is also an EMR finalist, says that her passion for racing comes from her dad who is an avid Formula 1 follower. He took her Go-karting at a very young age and encouraged her to race. Like Sneha, Abha also rose in the racing circles through local and national level Go-karting championships which have now taken her to a finalist position in EMR. Talking about the participation of women in racing, she does feel that there is a lot of scope for women to come to the tracks and keep pace with the men. Both Sneha and Abha hope that by looking at them, more women take up racing as a sport as they believe women have everything it take to burn the rubber on the tracks. They have a big race on their hands on August 4 and 5 but they seem pretty determined and confident of their performance. May the best driver win.

Etios Motor Racing: Exhibition Races

The atmosphere has been electric. Etios Motor Racing is finally set to drive itself into Indian history. After exhaustive rounds of selection, testing and training, the first batch of young drivers are ready to lay some rubber at the Madras Motor Sports Club, Irungattukottai, Chennai.

EMR cars ready for the track

The EMR Series that is slated to be held in the second half of 2013 will be based on a single-make racing championship platform. The cars will be FIA qualified with racing parts supplied by TRD, and their technical expertise will be utilized throughout the series.

Hands at the Wheel

The Etios racing platform will help talented young racers develop their skills, and further train them to gain a competitive edge for their future in motorsports. They will be mentored by experts in the field, and will be given an opportunity to compete amongst the best in the country. This series will not only highlight the technological prowess of the manufacturer, but also the endurance levels of the Etios and the ‘fun to drive’ aspect of the vehicle.

At the Pit

We’re expecting some family entertainment and an introduction to the young in competitive motorsports. The place will be abuzz both on and off the race track – with a grand opening ceremony, Toyota Car Line-up, celebrity Races, a karting Zone, and an SUV Zone.

EMR cars: Lined up for the Action