Hybrid Technology

Toyota Grows into a World Leader in Hybrid Technology


In 1993 Eiji Toyada, the Toyota Motor Corporation [TMC] President, questioned how acceptable it really is in the 21st century, to continue to build cars the same way. And with that thought was born, the G21 project that aimed to create vehicles using entirely new technology.

Toyota’s commitment towards the environment has resulted in their utilization of technology and processes that keep environmental impact at their minimal in all stages of the vehicle life cycle.

Today, these efforts have lead to Toyota’s very own Hybrid brilliance in motoring, making Toyota a pioneer in Hybrid Technology. The Toyota Hybrids now combine the convenience of electric power with fuel to bring more than just a healthy environment to life.

Toyota Hybrids are intelligent cars; capable of discerning when the car needs to switch between both electric power and fuel, these cars are programmed to also combine electric power and fuel to maximize efficiency.  Today, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has launched India’s first locally – manufactured Hybrid Car, marking a landmark in the history of the Indian Automobile Industry.  It has gone on to sell over 5 million units of its newly developed Hybrid across the globe. The Camry comes with an exclusive 2.5L beltless petrol engine combined with an electric motor and total system power of 205 ps.

Camry Hybrid

Camry Hybrid

But this isn’t Toyota’s first contribution towards environmentally sustainable vehicles. In as far back as the year 1997, Toyota declared  their commitment to the world, with the launch of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle- the Toyota Prius. Pioneering the future in motoring, the Prius is still the best selling alternative- fuel vehicle in the world.

Toyota is committed to keeping the planet green and champions this cause with their ‘Toyota Green Initiative’, which seeks to transform the planet by empowering people with sustainable lifestyles. Toyota understands that the only way to overcome carbon emission woes is by adopting “alternative motoring”.  It is with their use of futuristic concepts and technology, that Toyota continues to broaden the extent of this commitment with their outstanding success in Hybrid Technology.

Alternative Motoring – the future of smart driving


In India, many of today’s young population would have grown up watching Captain Planet – a superhero savior of Mother Earth. He drew his strength to fight evil from the “combined powers of Planeteers”. That’s precisely the future of global motoring  too. In a world of growing ecological consciousness and pressing imperatives to preserve natural resources, combining the powers of petrol and electric driven technology into a single hybrid motor engine is the solution.

The realization is not new to Toyota. The company demonstrated its foresight, engineering & design prowess, and a sustained commitment to reducing carbon emissions, with the launch of the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle in the year 1997. The Toyota Prius Hybrid marked a new chapter in innovative and futuristic motoring, and continues to enjoy global patronage as the world’s best selling alternative-fuel vehicle on the planet.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius


It is not difficult to fathom the reasons for the hybrid revolution. The benefits are far reaching and go much beyond the promise of environmental protection and lowering of energy consumption. The Hybrid technology offers the best of both worlds – a highly fuel efficient way to power vehicles using a combination of electric battery power and petrol.  Hybrid Synergy Drive®  is smart technology, telling the car when to switch between petrol and electric power and when to combine both for maximum efficiency.

We are committed to the “greenification” of this planet, and we have demonstrated our resolve to making a difference with the Toyota Green Initiative – an environmental stewardship platform designed to empower people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We urge and invite all our patrons, partners and believers of tomorrow, to join is us in our continued endeavor towards an emission free existence for the present an future generations. “Alternative Motoring” is smart and definite smart step in that direction.  After all, there is a Captain Planet within all of us.