#MyInnova Stories


The Innova is one of the most successful products that Toyota has to offer to the Indian market. Be it for a family, corporate or the fleet segment, the Innova is sought after by all due to its high standards of dependability and the promise of Toyota’s QDR (Quality, Durability & Reliability) The Innova was made for comfort, long journeys but; most importantly though, the Innova was made for families.

The Toyota Innova has been that one car for many reasons big and small, but what stories is the Innova helping make?

And so we decided to venture out to find what our customers’ experience with their Innova has been.  To our delight, what we found added the sparkle right into the amazingly festive months that September and October have been!

To make this happen, we connected with our amazing patrons on Facebook with a contest they could share their Innova stories on, and the response we received was fantastic!

The #ThingsICanDoWithMyInnova and the #MyInnovaFamily contests that hit the Official Innova fan page on Facebook were stacking up with some of the most warm, funny and inspiring stories people have experienced in their Innova. From a drive across states, to late night adventures; a family of friends and musicians and even three generations of a family, all comfortably tucked into their Innova, we heard it all and more.  But while reading through every story we received had us brimming with smiles, choosing the winners was truly a tough task.

Take a look at some of our winning stories:

# ThingsICanDoWithMyInnova

  • Mera Pyara Vehicle ! (MPV) by Dhiren Merchant

I have been driving Toyota vehicles since April 2000! It was Qualis earlier and Innova now! The photo uploaded is only half indicative of how much my grand children love Innova! My Innova provides me abundance of space for my entire family of granddaughter of one and a half to mother 89!

  • The Gentle Brute by Pushkar Shinde

I had 24 hours to drive 1500 kms to meet my new born daughter. covered 750 Kms in 6.5 hours the and Brutus (My Innova) didnt even break into a sweat even after its ODO showing 250,000 kms as its age…Its my on road and off road comfort drive…It has performed what is only expected of SUVs…

  • My Innova helps others by Vipul Lodaya

i was travelling from my native varapadhar to bhuj on 11dec 2011 at 11 pm, suddenly on road side a family was needing help as they stranded in middle of nowhere as their indica got stuck. they were 3 elders with 1 child even if we were 8 already we helped them to reach bhuj comfortably in my Luvnova

# MyInnova Family

  • Happy memories from our Family Car by Papiya Roychowdhury

The backseat of our Innova has been the place from where we started the fun in our family sojourns;my brother & sister waved at cars through the rear glass, while i sat between them & started the antakshari. I also had the task of distributing all the assembled food from the last seat….so i had the liberty of having some extra cookies for myself!! Our uncle & aunt shared funny anecdotes of our childhood; and it was in our Innova only that we heard stories of our parents’ courtship & marriage! :)

  • Our All-in-one Rockstar Car by Titas Kar

Sturdy & belligerent, our Innova has always stood for being a workaholic, so it was a must-have for the concerts our band (me & my friends) performed at! All our speakers, monitors, drums were packed on top of our car, while we went to perform around Kolkata! My friends too developed a soft corner for it, since our Innova took us to our successful shows-it was our lucky mascot! It also witnessed episodes of love-tears-quarrels-emotions of us band members: but what happened in our Innova, stayed inside it!

  • Mid night adventure by Usha Shivam

Recently myself (66 yrs) and wife (60 yrs) drove our INNOVA to attend a friend’s wedding. I left the car in the parking lot with the headlights ON. When we returned to start, naturally the Battery was down and we started getting panic for it was too late and difficult to get any help. My wife gave a gentle push and I was on wheels, shifted the gear to Top and jerked the axilator Zhrrrooooom the vehicle started. Our INNOVA never let us down. I strongly recommend this MPV for elders.


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Toyota Innova: Bring your dreams to life

Some vehicles are made just for driving. Some are made just for racing. And then there are others that are made to bring your dreams to life.  Like the Innova.

‘Bring your dreams to life’ says the new Toyota Innova TV Commercial. Occasionally do we stop to notice a commercial and if we did, it must have been really mind blowing. Toyota Innova Commercials are usually warm and emotional. But this time, it’s about dreams and aspirations and out of the world experiences.

I don’t remember myself being a dreamer, however the instant connect was brought around by, I think the ‘happy family’ visual at the end of the commercial. That sure is me.  And it brought back the day I travelled to Madurai with my family, in an Innova. Of course, that was my first trip in one and I was quite apprehensive about settling in everyone and the long distance. Oh, you won’t believe how much this vehicle surprised me. Space to settle down, space for fun and performance that never failed to impress. You could actually have a picnic right inside an Innova. And yes, I had this amazing dream, only to be woken up by a super excited voice. What? We reached? Really? Did we cross those 400 kms like a breeze?

And this new TV Commercial says more than just that. Take a look at this very different kind of Toyota Innova commercial. Which brings us to this: what are your dreams? If you had a Toyota Innova, what are some of the interesting things you would do?