EMR Gurgaon gears up

After raising temperatures in Chennai, EMR now comes to Gurgaon with a whole new racing format and double the passion. The 25 drivers had a taste of the tarmac in Chennai but are they ready for the Autocross Format?

The Etios racing cars are already lined and getting ready for the big day. Unlike the Chennai race, this time around, they are all red and rearing to go and the race is going to be a race against time.

The HUDA Leisure Valley race track actually has two race tracks and both are mirror images of each other. By the look of it, the tracks seem extremely tricky with tight corners and sharp turns.

In the previous exhibition race, Diljith won all the three races and became the undisputed champion. But the game has changed now and the drivers will not be competing with each other on the tracks. With just one car on the track, it all boils down to who can complete the lap fastest. So it’s each racer for himself. EMR Gurgaon is all set.

And the first Etios goes to…

AR Rahman needs no introduction. His revolutionary music has engraved his name in the world of harmony forever. This Oscar winning music composer is truly World First, India First. Reasons why there couldn’t have been a better name to be associated with the Toyota Etios. AR Rahman brought his class and harmony to the Etios with a mind-blowing tune rendered from his heart. It then went on to capture the hearts of millions of Etios fans. Truly a masterpiece.

With the launch of the Etios and the deliveries starting, this tune has been ringing in everyone’s mind; people who have been rushing to book it, others who were restless about the delivery and then them who went back home happy with their new Etios. In between this entire hullabaloo, Chennai had a different story to tell.

Chennai First Etios

A.R. Rahman was the proud owner of the very first Toyota Etios to be delivered in the city. No surprises. He was the chosen one to be honored with this ‘Chennai First’. The Managing Director of Lanson Toyota, Mr. Lankalingam handed over the keys to him at his house in Chennai. Caught in between a flurry of paparazzi and die-hard fans waiting to steal a glance at their favourite music wizard, Rahman with his ever-humble demeanor, handled everything with absolute elegance. No one had complaints. And where as Rahman is concerned he was all smiles being the proud owner of a car, that’s first of its kind.

Chennai First Etios goes to AR Rahman

Discover India with the Car of the Year!!!

A few great driving enthusiasts from the OverDrive have packed up their belongings and have started for a good ol’  “I-need-to-find-more-about-this-car” journey to all four corners of the country; Bangalore – Mumbai – Delhi– Kolkata – Chennai –Bangalore on the Indian golden quadrilateral, the arterial highway network over which they will test and probe Toyota’s claims of the car. And the Etios Yatra begins.

The Toyota Etios Yatra gets flagged off by Toyota-Kirloskar Motors' MD Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa and DMD Mr. Sandeep Singh.

They’ve all hit the arteries of India before and brought their memories home for the rest of us to experience. This Etios Yatra however will bring back more than what anyone would have experienced. Flagged off by Toyota-Kirloskar Motors’ MD, Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa and DMD, Mr. Sandeep Singh, this journey of over 6000kms is going to be a wild encounter with winding routes, fast expressways, crumbled roads to potholed patches. Horns blaring and brakes squealing, they are off to a ride of a lifetime.

The Etios sets off to its exploration of India.

Until now our men seem to be having their share of fun on the roads, crossing Mumbai, they are heading to explore further desiness of India. But as spontaneous of an adventure a cross-country drive may sound, there are chances of a few let downs too. Or will there be? Looks like Toyota assures to bring them endless driving fun in the new Toyota Etios, a car that knows the Indian roads better than anyone. More updates from them and we know how well Etios is treating them. Or the other way round. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth in a while.

Toyota-Kirloskar Motors' MD Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa speaks about this exciting Yatra

Now do you want to give it a try? After all, there’s no better way to get to know the popular Indian cities as well as how India savvy this car is. Jump into your Toyota Etios and tackle the Indian roads.

Join the ride by keeping in track with the Etios on its Yatra across India.

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Toyota Etios Sedan

Toyota unveils the new Etios sedan at the Auto Expo 2010