Discover India with the Car of the Year!!!

A few great driving enthusiasts from the OverDrive have packed up their belongings and have started for a good ol’  “I-need-to-find-more-about-this-car” journey to all four corners of the country; Bangalore – Mumbai – Delhi– Kolkata – Chennai –Bangalore on the Indian golden quadrilateral, the arterial highway network over which they will test and probe Toyota’s claims of the car. And the Etios Yatra begins.

The Toyota Etios Yatra gets flagged off by Toyota-Kirloskar Motors' MD Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa and DMD Mr. Sandeep Singh.

They’ve all hit the arteries of India before and brought their memories home for the rest of us to experience. This Etios Yatra however will bring back more than what anyone would have experienced. Flagged off by Toyota-Kirloskar Motors’ MD, Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa and DMD, Mr. Sandeep Singh, this journey of over 6000kms is going to be a wild encounter with winding routes, fast expressways, crumbled roads to potholed patches. Horns blaring and brakes squealing, they are off to a ride of a lifetime.

The Etios sets off to its exploration of India.

Until now our men seem to be having their share of fun on the roads, crossing Mumbai, they are heading to explore further desiness of India. But as spontaneous of an adventure a cross-country drive may sound, there are chances of a few let downs too. Or will there be? Looks like Toyota assures to bring them endless driving fun in the new Toyota Etios, a car that knows the Indian roads better than anyone. More updates from them and we know how well Etios is treating them. Or the other way round. Let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth in a while.

Toyota-Kirloskar Motors' MD Mr.Hiroshi Nakagawa speaks about this exciting Yatra

Now do you want to give it a try? After all, there’s no better way to get to know the popular Indian cities as well as how India savvy this car is. Jump into your Toyota Etios and tackle the Indian roads.

Join the ride by keeping in track with the Etios on its Yatra across India.

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