Toyota Q Class Winners

The first experience of the Toyota Q class owners, the first achievement, and the first performance that separate them from the crowd form the essence of the Q class contest. The users share their views on owning their Toyota Etios.

Owning a car is nothing extraordinary, but what one really feels about it, the most special moments with the car, the first place you explored with the car brings the car to a different level altogether.  The proud Q class owners came forward and took the chance to write about their first experience with the car. Hundreds of enthusiasts submitted their Etios stories.

As promised to the contestants, the Q class contest came to a close with 20 lucky winners winning a 2N/3D stay in Bangalore with an exclusive Q class tour to the Toyota plant.

The best entries were shortlisted and 20 lucky contestants were flown down across the nation for an exclusive stay and visit to the Bangalore Toyota plant.

The Toyota Q class winners witnessed the experience of a lifetime, when they reached from their respective places to Bangalore. Filled with zeal and thrill, the winners started off their Toyota journey on the morning of September 5th. The three hour plant visit was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’, as stated by many winners.

The visit became more exciting as they could live their dream of the experiencing the engineering of their favorite car, all in just one and a half day. The evening came to a close with a special get together of winners and Toyota officials at the Ball Room of Taj Westend.

For more, follow the link for the live coverage at Toyota Plant

Toyota Etios Sedan

Toyota unveils the new Etios sedan at the Auto Expo 2010