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Toyota Sanitation Program




Manjula is a teacher at a school in India where, until recently, there were no toilets. Her tenure as a teacher has been comprised of a state of affairs in which, as she put it, “the girls would have to pass urine in the open.”

An absence of toilet facilities is a common problem afflicting schools in India and presents a very real detriment to female education, as it results in students dropping out of school. For girls to be able to continue to attend classes when they reach puberty, toilets are a basic requirement.


Manjula’s school now has toilets for girls, thanks to a local sanitation program spearheaded by Toyota. In fact, under this latest program initiated by TKM, 500 toilet units have recently been installed in schools and public facilities around the country: 250 in Ramnagar (Karnataka state), 125 in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh state), and 125 in Vaishali (Bihar state).

While Toyota’s presence in India may have started with the manufacture and sale of cars, it now involves building deep and meaningful relationships with local communities. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), the company’s Indian manufacturing and sales arm, has strived for decades to find ways of improving lives around the country, and these efforts continue to expand and grow.

Achieving sustainable development of society is a core Toyota philosophy, and this is very much the case in India. In addition to providing employment to thousands of workers, TKM has made numerous contributions in the fields of education, health, hygiene, road safety, environmental issues, and skill development across the country.

This recent sanitation project builds upon work which has continued since 2006, in which over 420 toilets have been installed in homes near the company’s plant in Bengaluru, India, as well as six water purification units in nearby villages which have influenced the lives of 75,000 local citizens. Now, TKM is increasing the scope of its activities with a focus on aiding female students across the country.


Having built these sanitation facilities, TKM will maintain them for a period of one year. The company will also work toward educating children about the need for and the importance of using sanitation facilities, as well as furthering community awareness of the matter. The long-term goal of this project is to facilitate empowerment for women in India. The foundation for a healthy society for women around the world is a solid education, and this sanitation movement is one important step on the journey to that end.

Speaking at a very colorful inauguration event, Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Honorable Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing, and Urban Poverty Alleviation, expressed the stance of the government. “Good sanitation is critical to good health and is critical for the overall growth of a student,” he asserted. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank Toyota Kirloskar Motor for extending its support towards critical issues such as sanitation and hygiene in our schools. Increased commitments from such like-minded corporate houses have greatly contributed to the Government’s aspiration of achieving 100% sanitation across India.”


The inauguration ceremony was filled with tradition and a strong element of celebration through song and dance. Among the crowd was a contingent of girls who will be benefitting from the new sanitation measures implemented in their schools.


In conjunction with this project, TKM has also taken the initiative to aid whole communities by helping to purify local water supplies. Diseases and toxins are often widespread in water sources such as those in and around Basani village, which is located near Varanasi. Early in 2015, TKM identified that the water was unfit for drinking as it contained heavy metals which are hazardous to human consumption. The toxins were affecting a population of approximately 15,000 people in Basani and two other villages nearby. A new high-tech water purification unit installed in Basani village represents a meaningful step forward in health and hygiene.

During the ceremony, Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada spoke on behalf of Toyota to say, “I wholeheartedly support the ‘Clean India’ initiative. Toyota is proud to be a part of such a unique nationwide initiative which has various benefits to the future growth of this country.”



Toyota Etios Ranked “Most Dependable Car” in the Entry Mid-Size Segment by JD Power


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Bangalore, 5th August, 2015:

Toyota Etios has bagged the number one position in the Most Dependable Car in the Entry Mid-Size Segment according to J.D. Power Asia Pacific 2015 India vehicle dependability study. The Etios is well known for its hassle-free ownership, driving comfort, unmatched safety features, low maintenance cost and highest resale value.

The J. D. Power Study measures problems experienced by original owners of 30- to 42-month-old vehicles in 169 different problem symptoms across nine categories including- vehicle exterior and interior; driving experience, features, controls and displays (FCD),  audio and entertainment, seats, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), engine and transmission. Toyota Etios scored way ahead of the segment average and was found to have minimum problems per 100 cars as evaluated by JD power.

Sharing his views on this occasion, Mr. N Raja, Director and Senior Vice- President, Sales and Marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said “The award bears testimony to Toyota’s ‘Customer First’ philosophy and the company’s commitment to India in terms of delivering a dependable vehicle with low maintenance cost. We have been continuously studying the market to understand customer requirements and needs and have been enhancing the features in the Etios ever since its launch in 2010. The Etios has undergone significant changes to meet customer needs including new grille design and enhanced choices in premium colors. The in-cabin experience of the Etios has been enhanced with lower NVH and added compartment insulation.

Toyota is constantly working towards developing better technology to provide enhanced safety. Toyota’s commitment to safety is reiterated with the launch of new Etios where the vehicle has standardized front air bags across all grades making Toyota one of the first manufacturers to implement this safety initiative across its product variants in India. We thank our customers for appreciating the Etios.

Feedback received from awards and recognition constantly helps us in evaluating our offerings and incorporating the suggestions to better the present offerings”.

The Etios, time and again after its launch in 2010, has proven to deliver Toyota’s globally renowned promise of Quality Durability Reliability (QDR) to its customers. A testimony to the growing popularity of Etios is the number of awards and recognition that it has garnered in the recent past. Apart from the “Most Dependable Car” in the Entry Mid-Size Segment award by JD Power, the Etios has also been recognized as the “Most Promising Brand” by The Economic Times and has been bestowed with the Good Design Award by the Japan and India Design Council.

The success of the Etios series is also reinforced by the cumulative all India sales growth of 16%, by selling 26,942 units of Etios from January to July 2015, in comparison to 31, 301 units in same period of 2014.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has constantly strived to link technology with safety with an objective of developing a safe vehicle in every stage of its production

The Toyota Driving School : Taking road safety to another level

India has the second largest road network in the world, and shockingly, India also accounts for 9.5% of the total fatal accidents in the world every year. Traveling on India’s roads is getting more dangerous. In 2014 there were 141,526 deaths due to road accidents in the country, up from 137,423 a year earlier.

That’s a hard hitting statistic!

Toyota’s vision is to ensure that everyone gets home safe. This is what drives us to make great cars which stand for safety and quality. It is our endeavor to ensure that we not only make the safest cars in the world, but we also drive initiatives that make Indian roads safer.


To this end, we have established the Toyota Driving School – our small step towards helping every person who walks into our schools, a responsible and law-abiding driver. We stand tall for our idea ‘Safest car with the safest driver’ promise.

The curriculum at the Toyota Driving Schools include a comprehensive training program that boasts of quality, practical and future-ready training modules. Our state-of-the-art Driver Simulator coupled with Toyota’s world-class know-how, expert trainers and a comprehensive curriculum ensures that the students become complete drivers who can wheel safely on the roads with confidence and understanding of road safety. Learners can practice all car controls like steering, accelerator, brake and gear shift before they practice on a vehicle on the roads. The simulators can also create various road and weather conditions like fog, dim light, uphill and downhill terrain.

We have 2 programs – START & SMART to cater to the needs of new drivers as well as experienced ones. While the “START” program renders an empathetic approach towards novice drivers making them road ready, the “SMART” program aims to fine-tune your skills as a professional driver. Our quality auditing system, comprehensive evaluation and feedback mechanism at every stage of driving training makes our program unique from the rest available in the country

We take pride in being an integral part of the automotive industry in India and this drives us to invest in our safety mission ofbeing a pioneer of innovative safety solutions in cars.


Journey to the land of Thunder Dragon

May 8, 2015. The day I acted on my ever-standing desire of travelling long distance in my trusted Liva, MH05AX2991. Others said covering a distance of 7255 KMs in a hatchback was a daunting task, but I always trusted my Liva and time & again it proved that Toyota Liva is one of the best hatchbacks in the country.

Capture 6

The schedule I followed was:

8-9/5/2015 – first stop at Raipur covering 1213 kms

10/5/2015 – second stop at Kolkata covering 824 kms

11/5/2015 – third stop at Siliguri covering 570kms

12/5/2015 – forth stop at Phuntshoiling of Bhutan covering 180kms

13-25/5/2015 – I travelled in Bhutan as Paro-Thimphu-Chelela Pas-Ha valley-Gangtey-Bhumtahnag-Mongar-Trashiyangatse-Trashigang-Samdrup Jhonkhar to Guwahati covering almost 1324kms.

27-30/5/2015 – Last stretch was Guwahati-Kolkata-Kishanganj-raipur-Nagpur-Pune-Dombivali.

I started on 8/05/2015 at 3.30pm from Dombivali by Expressway to Pune. The journey took two hours & 20 mins, with one stop. During this ride, I realized Liva has great grip & matured high speed handling; even though I touched speeds of 140-150 kms/hr, I never felt the lack of grip, or the ‘leaving the road’ feeling one gets while travelling at similar speeds on other hatchbacks.

Capture 2

After having a series of sprints on the expressway, we stopped for dinner at Pune, and resumed our journey at 10.30 pm. We had to reach Raipur, our next stop, and the stretch was almost 1100 KMs. In the beginning of this stretch, from Pune to Ahamadnagar, road conditions were good but heavy traffic slowed us down, and yet I was able to maintain 60-70 KMPH initially. Another factor that needs to be mentioned is that I had virtually no trouble in driving during night, as the light was powerful enough to illuminate the roads clearly.

Capture 4

The next day, we encountered severely bad roads in the morning, riddled with potholes but thanks to Liva’s suspension setup, it could absorb the brunt of bad roads with ease, which helped me maintain the speed of 80-85 without much discomfort. This stretch of road tested the handling of Liva’s power steering, & did not result in even a single strike from bottom! We finally reached Raipur at 9.30pm, thanks to the tremendous power of Liva, it allowed me to easily take over other vehicles on the road. After the long stretch of comfortable driving, we encountered bad roads again enroute Kolkata to Siliguri, for about 20-30kms. But again, because of fine tuned suspension and power steering, I could navigate my way out very comfortably.

Capture 5

The next day we headed out fresh to finally reach our destination: Bhutan. The journey so far was long & memorable. Travelling in Bhutan was slightly tricky, some of roads were narrow, some were steep and spiral, and some were downright bad due to landslides and at some places especially at the end of my journey, roads were not even  commutable due to road works. But all thanks to excellent ride quality, handling and the durability of my Liva, I could overcome them all without much effort.

Capture 1

During the entire tour, my Liva was providing a consistent mileage ranging from 14.21kms/litre to 17.01kms/litre, with continuous use of Air Conditioner (except in a few stretches). To sum it up it was great experience of driving our own vehicle from my home to another country and back.


Needless to say, the land of the thunder dragon – and my Etios Liva – lived up the expectations!

Monsoon-Proof Your Car


The monsoon brings relief to all our lives. We revel in the rain with heightened abandon – we go out for drives with family and friends, take long walks, enjoy meals in open air restaurants. But while the thought of rain is pleasant in more ways than one, it leads to some amount of interference in your daily life and vehicular movement. Long traffic snarls, bumper to bumper traffic, water logged roads and slippery flyovers are also scenarios you are familiar with during the monsoon.

Did you know that India accounts for about 9.5 per cent of the total 1.2 million fatal accidents in the world, and roughly 19 per cent of these are known to occur during peak monsoon season? So prepare yourself for the season and ensure your car is in good shape to handle the deluge.

Here’s a simple checklist that will help safeguard your car, and its occupants, against any adversity. Possible things to look out for:

  • Replace all worn out parts – Tyres, brakes, wipers and mudguards should be checked, and replaced if required, for efficient handling
  • Indicators -Check if your car head lights and indicators are in working condition. If not, take your car to the service centre immediately!
  • Electrical parts – Ensure all electrical parts like the horn and steering are in top shape before you head out into the stormy weather
  • Fix those leaks – Check for oil leaks regularly, and get them fixed as soon as you can! Coating the underside of your car with rust proof paint will also lessen your troubles in the rainy season
  • Brakes – Check the health of your car breaks and oil them if required to prep for monsoon driving. The moisture in the atmosphere causes lower brake efficiency. Avoid this by double checking your brakes for any problems
  • Insurance – Cross check with your insurance provider about the validity of your insurance to protect your car. In case of any damage, insurance will come to your rescue!


Needless to say, you should take precautions while driving on wet roads and through heavy rainfall. Don’t drive at high speeds, the roads are slippery; lower speeds offer better control of your car.

Toyota is a name that is synonymous with customer satisfaction and safety.Safety is the cornerstone of our approach towards mobility and innovative solutions across the globe. And this monsoon, we decided to ensure the safety of our customers and their cars! At the beginning of June, Toyota brought in the “Monsoon Magic” Service Campaign, a limited-period, complimentary monsoon health checkup for your car, exclusively for Toyota customers, across Toyota dealerships in India.

The monsoon campaign also gave customers exclusive access to gifts and exclusive offers on service packages.

The campaign was applicable through June and July 2015. It offered gifts on insurance renewal and battery replacement and also free treatments on a wide range of services like:

  • Clear View Package (Wiper Blade + Windshield Washer Fluid + Windshield Polish )
  • Car Spa Package (Underbody Protection + Paint Protection )
  • Smooth Drive Package (Injector Cleaner + Brake Pad + Alloy Wheel Polish )
  • Night View Package (Head lamp Bulb + Head Lamp Restoration )


Experience a difference level of the monsoon this year by monsoon-proofing your car with Toyota, as we strive to offer products and services that are revolutionary, yet dependable, reliable and safe.

Toyota Corolla Altis, SEDAN OF THE YEAR 2015 – Overdrive

It had been six year since the Corolla Altis rolled out in India and so it was time for an all-new one. The last time a new Corolla was launched, it was hard for people to tell that the car was in fact a generation newer. Can’t really blame them because the Corolla is one of the most recognisable cars around and every new model has taken inspiration from the outgoing car. This formula had been working for Toyota in every market around the world. After all it was the world’s highest selling nameplate ever. But now look at the car featured here. If someone had to remove the badging, one would never guess that this very car is in fact the new generation Corolla Altis. When this car was unveiled around the world, people stood up and took notice. Because this baby here showcases a completely different approach from Toyota. Look at it from any angle and it looks striking.


The dynamic design approach follows an edgy theme, with merging lines everywhere giving the car a lot of character. Inside too, the design approach is very different from the outgoing car and goes well with the exterior. Quality of materials used is complemented by the impressive fit and finish. In terms of comfort, the Corolla doesn’t disappoint. Front seats are comfortable while lumbar and thigh support is good, making it ideal for long distance driving. The rear seats are relaxing as well and since the wheelbase and overall length have increased, rear knee-room has also gone up by an impressive 92mm. The rear seats even recline by simply pulling a lever placed next to them. If needed, one can choose to sit more upright or leaned back. A flat floor and good shoulder room also mean that three grown-ups can be seated comfortably. The boot offers 470 litres of space and the seats can be folded and split 60:40, opening up more cargo room if needed. The Corolla features reliable powertrains – the 1.8-litre VVT-i petrol and the 1.4-litre D-4D diesel. The petrol DOHC unit puts out 140PS at 6,400rpm while peak torque of 173Nm is available at 4,000rpm. We drove the CVT


The car is available in five petrol variants which feature two transmission options while there are four variants which come with diesel mills. The basic petrol and diesel variants offer features such as dual front airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, keyless entry, 5.8-inch touchscreen audio with a DVD function and electrically adjustable rear view mirrors as standard. The mid variants in addition get front fog lamps, 15- inch alloy wheels, reverse sensor, 7-inch touchscreen audio without a DVD function, leather wrapped steering, auto climate control and a reading lamp. LED headlamps, larger 16-inch wheels, push button ignition, reverse camera, rain sensing wipers, leather upholstery, an eight-way power driver seat and a manual rear sunshade are all featured in the top-end trims.

boost-SOTY (2)

The automatic transmission also gets an additional cruise control feature. The Corolla Altis has improved considerably especially in terms of styling, space, dynamics and features while still maintaining its practicality. This is a car that excels at everything else. So if that’s what you want from a car, the new Toyota in town is worth considering. In fact it has already become the new bestseller


Sedan Of the Year 

The new Corolla arrives at a time when the entry-level D-segment is struggling but it has still managed to bring in good numbers for Toyota. It features much smarter and more youthful styling that endears it to a new segment in the market while the smart interiors match the handsome exteriors. The Corolla has always excelled when it comes to luxury and comfort and the roomy cabin in the new car is no exception. We loved the exceptional ride quality on the road and then we were pleasantly surprised with how entertaining the Corolla was on the racetrack. Toyota continues with the tried and tested petrol and diesel engines from the earlier Corolla and both offer high levels of smoothness, power and economy as well as conforming to Toyota’s legendary levels of reliability. The Corolla brings a high level of features for a reasonable price. This combination of style and substance makes it our Sedan Of The Year.

Source : Overdrive

Date of Publication : 23rd February 2015

2015 Toyota Fortuner 4×4 AT Review by


Toyota Fortuner has always been one of the most popular options for anyone looking for a sub-Rs 30 lakh SUV. Great presence, superior performance and low maintenance are the key reasons. To maintain its lead over staunch rivals, Toyota has updated the 2015 Fortuner. The exteriors and interiors have been revised but the main highlight has to be the introduction of automatic transmission in the 3.0L 4×4 variant, something that many customers have been asking for. With this new update, the Fortuner looks all ready to kick dust on its competition? We reveal.


When it comes to pure street presence and macho appeal, there is nothing better than the Fortuner. With its gigantic proportions and I-am-gonna-get-you attitude, it comes across as the most handsome of the lot. The new changes make the Fortuner look smarter. It gets smoke finished headlights along with silver bezel fog lamps as part of the upgrade. The generously wrapped in chrome radiator grille continues to leave a strong impact. It carries the same front bumper design as the earlier version.


Finally, my wish of dark alloy wheels on the Fortuner comes true with the new 12-spoke version and it seriously looks badass. Toyota has also introduces a new Bronze Mica metallic shade to make the Fortuner look meaner than usual. The new colour shade is truly the best as it highlights the brutal side of the mammoth SUV. The new smoke finish theme also continues on the rear tail lights without any change from the 2012 upgrade.

If there is anything in abundance other than its attitude, it has to be the interior space which is amazing. The 2015 version gets an all black finished dashboard as the one earlier looked too similar to that of the Innova. It gets a new touchscreen entertainment screen with navigation, which also features voice control. Apart from this, it gets a simple instrumental cluster showing the essential information. There is a slender information display above the central console which shows vehicle statistics. One can pair smartphones, IPod using Bluetooth telephony, USB and Aux-in connectivity.


Front row and the second row passengers cannot possibly complain about the legroom as there is plenty, however, the comfort in the second row seats is not as impressive. The third row seats are decent if not the best place to be. Fold the last row and it frees up a sizeable space for extra luggage. Apart from the large boot, there are lots of storage options across the cabin, on the central panel as well as on the door trims.

The 2982cc turbocharged diesel power mill continues to generate 171 PS of power at 3600 rpm. It makes a healthy torque of 360 Nm between 1400-3200 rpm. The five speed automatic transmission has been carried over from the 4×2 variant and works like any conventional torque converter unit. The automatic transmission is not the quickest of the lot especially with its laid back response in shifts but that is only if you drive it in a hurried manner. Unlike others, there is no manual shift option in this variant. On city roads, the unit tends to act confused with its random shifts but on highways, it does its job well. The additional weight of the AT unit doesn’t affect the 4×4’s performance.


It is huge in proportions but driving inside the city is not a pain with its quick manoeuvrability. It has a turning radius of 5.9m. The steering feels light at low speeds. Controlling it in traffic clogged areas is not a task as even the braking feels a lot more confident. It is one of the most reliable vehicles on the highways. The tall ride position and a higher ground clearance make it possible to drive almost over anything. The suspensions are tuned for a soft ride and thus it does tend to swing and roll especially while taking sharp turns. The one on the front row seats might enjoy it but the one seated behind often end up complaining about the same.

The 4×4’s off-road potential is amazing, as it also gets a dedicated low-ratio gearbox. We did manage to throw it on some challenging surfaces playing around with the low-ratio box; the SUV took it all without any hesitation. Enthusiasts would love this but not the cozy comfy seekers as there is no shift-on-the-fly option but a dedicated lever to make it compatible for different ratios.

Expert Review By Aditya Chatterjee

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THUMS up for safer cars!


ssdHi! I’m THUMS, a millennial crash test dummy. I was born in 1997, the same year Darsheel Safary (Taare Zameen Par actor) was also born. My parents are Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Central R&D Labs, and this is my story!


My ancestors were a family of brave, crash test dummies. They were human-sized bodies made of steel and rubber. They endured thousands of crash tests every year, only to help carmakers design safer cars. During the crash tests, their bones were broken, spines compressed, and joints violently twisted and torn out of place. But rather than being rushed to a hospital, my ancestors were again slammed into walls, poles, and other vehicles. Teams of engineers then collected crash data, replaced their broken parts, and got back to designing safer cars for you and your families.

Since my ancestors were tougher than a live human body, they could only help measure the force and acceleration a human body had been subjected to during a crash; they could not simulate injuries to tissues, muscles, bones and vital internal organs.

Then, my parents conceived me in Toyota’s research lab in Japan. I was developed as a 175 centimeter tall, 77 kilogram male (yeah, I was born quite “healthy” one could say!).


I am designed as an experimental virtual model of the human body, identical to you not just in your exterior shape, but also in internal structures like organs, bone, ligaments, tendons, and muscle. I am computer animated. I have 80,000 cyber parts, including a heart. This is why I am able to pinpoint precisely which parts of my body are affected, and how, by various high-impact accidents.

I enable my parents at Toyota to have a microscopic look at the injuries passengers are likely to succumb in a car accident.  I help them develop advanced safety technologies for airbags, seatbelt systems and vehicle body structures. They are proud of me!

On my 12th birthday in 2009, my parents gave me a present. I was upgraded to Version 4 and got three new avatars – an adult female 5th percentile, an adult male 50th percentile and an adult male 95th percentile. They also promised to bring me a sibling, a petite female THUMS, soon.

My parents are responsible carmakers. They aim to create a society with no traffic accidents. Our family realizes this is an ambitious goal. On my part, I am serving more than thirty organizations across the automotive industry, including other car companies and research institutes, to help develop the next generation of auto safety technologies. I am already the subject of technical papers submitted to major conferences and journals, and my parents are working to extend my detection functions to include advanced information such as data on the human brain.

I will continue to work hard to make significant progress towards my parents’, Toyota’s, shared vision of safe roads and safer cars. Until then, I request you to please do your part – wear seatbelts, seat children in the rear seat and drive safe!

Safe roads, safe you!

Consider these stats: globally, India accounts for just 1% of all vehicles, but 15% of all traffic related fatalities. We lose more than 135k people to road accidents annually. That’s roughly equivalent to the death toll in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing, combined. One more person would have died in a road accident by the time you have read through this post. Shocking right?

 Road Fatalities per 100k vehicles in select countries, 2012

Untitled                                                                         Source: World Health Organization

Given the traffic congestion in most Indian cities it may sound counter-intuitive, but over-speeding is the single biggest cause of road accidents in India. Fifty six per cent of all road accidents are caused due to the driver’s fault. We often spot vehicles traveling at breakneck speed, weaving in and out of the traffic and blatantly disregarding sensitive areas such as markets, hospitals and schools. Speeding is not limited to urban traffic – numerous incidents are reported every year where speeding vehicles plunge down hills, ram into trains at unmanned crossings, or overturn on highways. Overloading and overcrowding of vehicles is the next biggest factor contributing to road accidents in India (~20%).  Despite the Indian Supreme Court’s ban in 2005, vehicle owners/drivers carry on overloading their vehicles (goods vehicles as well as passenger transport vehicles). Overloaded vehicles damage the roads resulting in potholes, cracks and other structural damages – laying the groundwork for more accidents. Driving under influence of alcohol and narcotics, hit and run and jumping traffic lights are other significant causes of road accidents. What could be done to reduce accidents, effectively and permanently? Is it even possible to reduce accidents given the rampant disregard for traffic rules? And who is eventually responsible? On its part, the government can contribute to improving infrastructure (better maintained roads and highways, install traffic signals at crossings etc.) and tightening law enforcement. Auto manufacturers contribute to that effort by constantly investing in research and development to build better, stronger, safer cars on road. However, the most significant contribution to reducing road accidents will come from those behind the wheels. You, the person driving the car. By remaining 100% committed to safe driving, you can contribute meaningfully to safer roads, not just for yourself, and your family but for the families of other people as well. We thought of listing out a few simple ways YOU can be safe.

  1. Buckle up before you turn on that engine – even if it is a ‘short distance’.
  2. Children are precious. Use a car seat for them and buckle them up in the rear seat if they are under 13 years of age. Teach them good riding habits, early on.
  3. Follow speed limits. In residential areas, market places, outsides schools, the ideal speed is 20 KMPH and the limit is 30 KMPH.
  4. NEVER answer calls, check emails or text messages while driving. It takes a few seconds to check that text message? Sure, but a few seconds is all it takes for an accident to take place. It’s okay to miss a call when you are driving. Tell your colleagues, friends and family that you were driving – they will respect you.
  5. Follow traffic signals, even when no one is watching, or the road is deserted.
  6. Call a taxi, or ask your friend to drop you home if you’ve had a drink, or two.
  7. Respect pedestrians. They have a right on the road, too.
  8. Keep your vehicle fit. Get it serviced, when due. Regularly check tire pressure.
  9. If your car doesn’t already have them, make sure your next car comes with driver and passenger airbags. Airbags save lives during frontal impact.

Drive safe. It’s not just a responsibility, but it’s cool to be a safe driver! We, at Toyota India, think so.

“If you want to know more about to keep yourself and your family safer on the roads, see here.”

Move Into The New Liva!


They say a car can never compare to the safety, comfort and happiness of a home. The New Look Liva challenges this paradigm head-on. Backed by Toyota’s legendary Quality, Durability and Reliability, The New Look Liva is, without a doubt, an extension of a home.  It is a place for the entire family to come together in splendid style. The New Liva reinvigorates the feeling of moving into a new home. Stunning new exteriors, interiors; attention to detail; best-in-class cabin space and world-class safety features make this family-sized hatchback Toyota’s new magnum opus.

Liva(2014)_Rear Side Cut Interior Shot_V6

Elegant new features

Etios Liva is the only hatchback that is derived from a sedan and thus combines the luxury of a sedan and the practicality of a hatchback – best of both worlds. On the exterior, the bold, new and vibrant front grille enhances the exterior of the car. Sturdy, stylish 12-spoke alloys immediately strike with their appeal. Add to this, door handles with a chrome finish for that extra premium aura. A perfect feature that complements the new stylish exterior look is the rear combi lamp. The interior, too, gets more stylish with new, ultra-elegant wood-finish armrests. The LCD fuel indicator now comes combined with a new digital clock. The cool audio system comes combined with Bluetooth, USB, AUX-IN and steering mounted controls.


Making the drive more comfortable

To make driving a better experience, the New Liva comes equipped with height adjustable driver seats. In addition, the excellent MacPherson strut and torsion beam suspension promises to eliminate bumpy rides. Electrically adjustable outside rear view mirrors ensure precision and ease of access.


The 1.2L DOHC petrol engine ensures every drive is as smooth as the first with a superb mileage of 17.71 KMPL.

The 1.4L D-4D Diesel engine with an amazing mileage of 23.59 KMPL makes it a dream car for hatchback buyers in the city.


Toyota is constantly working towards developing better technology to provide enhanced safety. With increased accidents and growing concerns over safety, The New Liva comes equipped with: standardized driver and passenger airbags across all grades; all-new reverse parking sensors and new warning buzzer for seatbelt, door ajar and headlamp; ABS with EBD to ensure complete vehicle control.


Creating a safer road environment has always been Toyota’s top priority. TKM’s new initiative ’we are safety leaders’[] signifies the company taking a lead to spread awareness on safety. THUMS [Toyota HUman Model for Safety] is the mascot for the program. Toyota’s THUMS Technology is also used by research institutes and car companies worldwide to improve road safety.

A new Décor Collection for Etios Liva is designed to add to the exterior appeal and comfort of Etios Liva. Some of the features include:

  • Side door visor
  • Chrome side door moulding
  • Bumper corner protector
  • Roof spoiler
  • Car cushions
  • Steering wheel cover

Toyota is known for Quality, Durability and Reliabilty. With the QDR promise, come the qualities the car has been loved for: unmatched warranty; parts with long life; express maintenance; high fuel efficiency and best-in-class cabin room.

So what are you waiting for? Test drive The New Liva today and get ready to move into your home away from home!

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